Welcome to the S-COrPS site. This site is intended to help set up an S-COrPS style program in any medical school.

If you do implement such a program, please have volunteers fill out this survey prior to starting and after ending, or after two months, whichever comes first:


Then, after each call, please fill out the following, very short, post-call survey:


These will help us get an idea of who is using the idea, and what kind of impact it is having. Thanks!

The student Community Outreach Pandemic Service is a group of preclerkship and clerkship medical and physician assistant (PA) students serving the community by acting as physician extenders for clinicians during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It can theoretically be expanded into any clinical practice or nursing facility.

The original ideal was developed by students and faculty at the Stanford Division for Primary Care and Population Health. This site and GitHub repository are intended to provide resources to departments, students, and clinicians who want to implement a wellness phone call system run by students to check on vulnerable patients, provide emotional support to them, and relay important information back to the health team.

Students are NOT intended to replace clinical care or clinical clerkships, but to supplement them during the pandemic, as clinical resources are stretched thin and patients are particularly vulnerable.

For more information about the model and the team behind it, please see the about page.

Getting Started

For example instructions on how to implement this program, see the instructions page.

Clinicians or Departments, please see the clinician/department resources; students, please see the student resources.

If you decide to implement this program, or a modification of it, please let us know, and be sure to fill out the surveys so that we can measure the impact of this initiative.